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Successful Day Of Shopping




Today I went shopping with a friend. I had been needing to buy stuff for a while now (bras especially) so I was pretty happy to find out she was free.




I picked her up and off we went. She actually said she likes my driving! That is the 1st person to tell me that. I was so chuffed. She did panic on the way over to the shopping centre but it was because she couldn’t find her phone. She had been thinking that she dropped it in her driveway.Turns out, she left it in her bedroom so it was ok.




Anyway, we arrived at rushmere and luckily, there were lots of spaces I could park in. Since we were going to be buying stuff, I had to take money out. No problem…until I couldn’t find my card. We searched my bag really hoping it was there. What would I do if it wasn’t? Luckily it was at the bottom of my bag ^.^’




There is quite a lot of nice clothes in the shops at the minute. I didn’t want to spend too much though so I had to ignore a lot of things that I saw.




We were passing m work so headed in. A really cute dress came in during our delivery yesterday so I wanted to see if it was still there. It was! What was even better was that it was still in the right size for me! I tried it on and we knew it just had to be bought. As we went round, our bags filled up more and more (thanks to having to buy a bag now, everything went into the one bag which made it heavy). We headed to the outside shops next. I was determined to go to Matalan to buy the cool earrings and leather bow that I had found. Oh and a new bag.




After telling Kate what it was I wanted, we both started to search. I walked straight past the bow without even seeing it! I’m glad she was there because she spotted it straight away. The leather cat ears with spikes weren’t anywhere to be seen =[ We hunted for the earrings too but, we had to give up because they weren’t there either. I had really wanted the earrings too =[



I wish I had found them

The earrings I wanted



We found the bag! It was smaller than I thought but I got it anyway. I don’t need to bring my purse in it. I can just take out the cards/money I need and put them in a pocket in it. Finally, I managed to buy some new bras. It’s so hard to find nice bras that aren’t super expensive.




Kate had been buying things at pretty much every shop I bought something in. She got nail polishes, a couple of tops, a new money jar (it has to be smashed to get the money out) and a few other things. I’d say it was a pretty successful day.




On the way home, we stopped by Asda. I have never driven into their car park before so I had to rely on her to tell me which way I can go. She even helped me to park in a space beside other cars. By helped I mean advised btw. I was pretty pleased when we were perfectly in the middle of the space ^.^




By now the sun was out. My car was roasting!  We had the windows down and the air con on. Soon enough I dropped her home and drove back to show Chris all my new stuff. Of course, I took photos to show you =]




2013-05-10 15.54.09



2013-05-10 15.53.47




My amazing new bow
My amazing new bow


My bow in its new home

2013-05-10 16.03.43




I’m pretty tired (and hungry) so I’ll go for now.




Byebye (^.^)/


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