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Colds And Meals




I know I haven’t been on here for a while. I’ve had a cold for over a week that will just not go away. Thanks to that, I keep waking up at night and then I have to work in the mornings so when I do have time to write…I end up asleep because I’m so tired. If anyone has tips to help colds go away faster, let me know.



Anyway, that’s not really something you would want to hear about. Yesterday, I went out for dinner with a friend (a cold will not stop me having yummy food). We went to our usual place (Tiplers). We couldn’t believe that it was so empty when we arrived.  We sat chatting while we waited for our starters. It actually took quite a while just to get our starter even though it wasn’t busy. I ended up with cheesy garlic bread. It was better than it usually is. Maybe it’s because of how they presented it?3 slices stacked nicely with sweet chilli sauce drizzled on the plate. I can’t describe it well but unfortunately, I ate it too quickly to show you a picture. Kate got her usual – battered mushrooms with garlic dip.



We ended up waiting about half an hour for our main course. Sure, more customers had begun to arrive but as we waited, the other customers only began to place their orders. What was annoying was how they actually got their main courses before we did.



I kept watching out the window to see if my friend’s car was ok. After all, last time we went there she ended up with a flat tyre.



Finally our food arrived. Steak sandwich (read: panini) that had 2 huge onion rings inside it and came with a side salad and lattice fries and peppered sauce. Kate had pan-fried chicken…I can’t remember the rest but it was something she gets quite often. I was only 1/4 of the way through my meal by the time she had finished hers. I’m such a slow eater. It didn’t help that I had burnt the roof of my mouth earlier that day. Everything was hurting it =[



We sat and chatted for a while after finishing. We had eaten so much that we didn’t want to move ^.^’ It was worth the money though. It only cost £30 altogether which really isn’t bad.



After getting home, I spent my night sitting with the laptop with a tummy ache from eating so much ^.^’




I’ve just realised the time. I need to get ready for work! Let’s hope I don’t have to work on the tills today. I don’t want to give my germs to customers.




Byebye (^.^)/






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