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Babysit For A Full Day? Easy




Yesterday, I spent the day babysitting Anton and Callum. I arrived for midday, prepared for it to be hard work.



Anton was so excited to see me. He’s such a cutie. Unfortunately, I woke Callum up when I rang the doorbell so he was crying >.<



Callum cried for about 2 seconds after Katie left. Really? I was expecting him to cry for ages just like Anton used to. Especially since he’s getting really attached to his mummy lately. Maybe it was going to be an easy day?



We spent an hour playing on the Wii while Callum crawled about then, I got Callum dressed for the day. Seriously, that was probably the hardest part of the day. He crawled away at every opportunity and kept taking his arms and legs back out of the clothes. Even Anton laughed.



After a snack (and Callums breakfast) we played outside. Anton decided to go on his Thomas the Tank Engine bike. He’s so good at it! He whizzed up and down the estate yelling “Follow me” for ages. I carried Callum around the estate behind Anton while Anton asked which way he should go next. We had a little race too. Thing is, Anton hates to lose. For the longest time, he could come last but still think “I’m a winner” but now he knows what losing is. Of course, I let him win. Anton decided it was time to go back inside because he had felt one tiny drop of rain. It actually didn’t rain though but at least he went back in the house without a fuss.



Callum went for a nap in his cot when we got back in. I went back to spend time with Anton. I asked what he would like to play with expecting him to pick a toy. Instead, he went all shy, looked down then slowly looked up and pointed at me without saying a word.”You want to play with me?!” I said. “Yes, it’s because you’re my friend”. That child is just the cutest. We played different things and talked for a while. I feel sorry for him when Callum is awake because he doesn’t get as much attention since Callum wants lifted or carried about and stuff.



Since Anton is back in potty training mode (and doing so well) I got him to sit on it for a while without any problems. He gets a ‘suprise’ for any time he uses the pot so that’s probably why he doesn’t mind it. He gets so proud of himself too. His suprise this time was….a blanket fort. He helped to make it this time. We also decided to make it bigger than the last one. I say we but really it was me who decided that because Callum was going to be in it after he woke up and I didn’t want us all squished in with no room to move about. Anton was chuffed with the fort. He called it his house.



Perfectly at home in his ‘house’. Even the crayons have lots of room

fort 2


My little space

2013-05-20 15.19.05



He ate lunch in it first. I asked what he wanted to eat and he said “I would like some jam in my sandwich. I like jam”. Fair enough. I came back from making his sandwich to find he had poured out all of his crayons into my spot in the fort. The only space left was a little side which I had to squeeze into. We sat watching T.V for a while in it then he decided to colour in. He didn’t say anything, just handed me a crayon. It was his permission to colour. Sometimes, if you try to colour in with him he takes the crayon off you ^.^’ He told me I had to colour the circle (with circular motions included). While we coloured, he moved closer to me to cuddle me. I had to colour with my right hand….and hardly able to see the picture from how we were sitting. Oh well, it turned out pretty well anyway. While we coloured, he asked me names of different superheros/villans he saw. Honestly, I had no idea what some of them were so I just made up names. I’m so glad he didn’t question any name I said. After a while of colouring in silence he told me “You’re really good at teaching me”. Where does he get these things from?



He asked me to lie down with him because he wanted to sleep. Lying in that small space was so uncomfortable. I ended up having to get him to move over. I had told him to close his eyes for a wee sleep and I would too (hoping he would fall asleep quickly because he did seem pretty tired). I knew something was getting closer to my face and thought he was going to do something to try to ‘wake me up’ so I opened my eyes. What did I see? His face super close to mine. He was trying to give me a kiss because he thought I had fallen asleep. We lay for a while all cuddled up and just as he was about to sleep, he decided “I’m going to colour in” and shot back up. Plan to make him nap – failed.



After 2 hours of napping, I heard Callum cry. I went up to get him to find him standing in his cot leaning over to see if anyone was coming. As soon as he saw me all crying stopped and a huge smile appeared. His smile is so cute. I brought him down to go in the fort. He just stared at it when he first saw it. It was something new for him. I set him down so I could get in first. As soon as I put my hands out for him, he dived towards me. Inside the fort, his face lit up. His head was turning, taking in everything he saw and he was trying to grab all the blankets. He lay on me for a bit while Anton lay beside me. Anton even gave him a teddy to cuddle.



After more playing, I made Anton go on the pot again. he got so excited and said “I did wee-wee’s, see!” and jumped up straight away. I panicked thinking he wasn’t finished just yet. Thankfully he was. As soon as he got up, Callum crawled towards the pot to try to put his hand in! Oh my goodness. “Ah, Callum no!” I said while trying to pull him away. Anton and I high 5’d . He said he is a superhero because he does “wee-wees in the potty” He also told me that I had to pull his pants/jeans back up even though he can do it himself. “No, you can do that by yourself” “No, I can’t. You do it” “Oh but mummy says you’re so good at doing it by yourself. Show me how good you are.” In the end I won and he did it. That child just makes me laugh.



Everything had been going smoothly so far. Then dinner time came. Anton wanted sausage rolls for dinner. No problem. I gave him the last of the bite sized ones. Callum had a couple of them too. I knew he would have wanted more to eat so I kept offering other things as well. Nope. Only sausage rolls. Fine. I let him have only sausage rolls. He finished them and said “I’m still hungry” so again, I offered other food. He refused to have anything other than more sausage rolls. There were big sausage rolls but he wouldn’t even eat them. “No, they’re yucky” “But they’re sausage rolls too” “I’m fine, I’m not hungry any more.” “Yes you are, you just told me you were hungry” “I’m fine!” and off he ran. Meanwhile, Callum had thrown parts of the sausage rolls all over the floor. I had tried to give him a baby porridge but he hated it. I gave him a couple of cocktail sausages and 2 little yogurts. Now my food was ready so I got to eat. Of course, Callum was trying to reach for my food the entire time. Anton was running in and out saying “I’m Ben 10 and I’m a rescue service. Oh no, I found trouble”. After dinner, Anton and I had a milkybar from the suprise box.



I asked him if he would like to go for a walk. “Yea!” he said with a huge smile. He played in his room until I had Callum half ready. Anton helped me to get Callums coat and his own shoes on. Great helper =] It wasn’t that warm so I wrapped them both up but Anton wanted to walk instead of going in the pram. Fair enough. The only problem was that I had to set up Callums pram. I had never done it before. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. However, Anton was trying to push the pram while Callum was crawling about. He ignored me when I asked him to stop because I was trying to make sure it was set up properly. I ended up having to grab the pram to stop it and tell him off before he rolled over Callums foot.  He let go and said to Callum “I got some trouble” looking sad. I just had to explain that it was dangerous and I had asked him to stop 3 times and he had ignored it. After that, he was my best friend again.



I was so suprised at how good Anton was when we were out. He held my hand/the pram for going across the road and walked on the inside of the footpath. He even stayed beside me instead of running on ahead. He told me he wanted to push the pram so, I let him help me with it. Apparently that wasn’t good enough. “I want to do it by myself” he said while trying to pry my hands off. I didn’t give in though. In the end, he settled for pushing it with me. It was past Callums bed time but he was behaving too. He lay in the pram, looking all around and smiling/waving and even sticking out his tongue and laughing.



Anton was tired by the time we got back. My plan to tire him out – success. I put Callum to bed then went back to playing with Anton. The fort was still up but not for long. Anton dived on the roof of it! I almost had a heart attack. It didn’t fully come down so he said “It’s a snowy mountain. I have to climb it.” He jumped on it until all that was left was a pile of blankets. His game wasn’t over yet though! He climbed onto the couch then jumped onto the blankets, rolled off then said he had to climb again and off he went. He even made me join in once. How can this child go from tired to full of energy so quickly? He was trying to eat cereal in between all of this too.



2013-05-20 19.54.16



Finally, I managed to get him to use the pot a final time before bed. He had mentioned to me “When I do all my wee’s and poo’s in the pot I get to go to big school” while we were out on the walk. For me, this made me think that he needed to go. Well, that and the noises his tummy had made earlier in the day. When I asked him though? “No no” was his answer. Just as I was helping him get his jeans off (they got stuck on his feet ^.^’) I noticed something on the floor. What was it? Poo. I was right when I thought he needed to go. It must have fallen out of his underwear. I just kinda paused and said “Did you do a poo?” He just looked at me for a second then I said “It’s ok, just next time in the potty, ok?” For him this meant it was ok for him to say “Is there any more, here look” and bend over right in front of my face. This child just does the strangest things. I did have to laugh about it though.



Finally, I got him to bed. An hour later than usual. He asked me to read him a story then went straight to sleep. For the next hour I tidied up our mess. Toys all back in the right place, blankets/chairs back to normal, kitchen floor brushed, dishes washed. It’s amazing how messy it gets with small children around. At least I’m getting lots of practice in so if I ever have kids I’ll be used to it.



I was planning on writing this post last night but honestly, I was so tired that I just went to sleep (which was the best sleep ever.) I didn’t even get up until 11:30am today ^.^’



No rest for me though, I have to get ready to go to work now.




Byebye (^.^)/




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