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Spring Cleaning

I know it’s basically summer now but I decided to have a complete clear out.




What started my mood to clean and clear out my wardrobe? Boredom. I left work at midday, came home to make lunch and even made Chris breakfast then we went to hand in my course form. After that I began getting 2 loads ready for the washing machine.




Seeing rubbish in the car from Chris’ ‘breakfast’ on mornings when he was up at Uni revising was beginning to annoy me so, I spent about an hour cleaning inside the car (it looks amazing) which was just enough time to let the washing machine finish the cycle. After hanging it out and putting the next wash on I realised it was still so early in the afternoon.




What was I supposed to do for the rest of the day? There really wasn’t anything to do. Chris’ dad had moved some of my clothes into the loft since I wasn’t really using them and so that he could put his clothes somewhere else because of something or other (I wasn’t really listening to the reason). Thinking about that made me decide to clear out my clothes. I’ve bought new clothes lately so it’s fine to get rid of older clothes. I usually end up wearing the same thing over and over and ignore everything else I own anyway so I might as well get rid of it, right?



I spent the next few hours going through all my tops. I’ve even rearranged them so I know what I have: camisoles, short sleeves, long sleeves, jumpers, cardigans, dresses, skirts, waistcoats, coats. All in order to make it easy to pick. I honestly can’t belive how much I decided to get rid of. The amount of hangers I have lying spare now is unreal. To be fair, I did put more than one top on some hangers – if it was the same thing in different colours.



Of course I still had my jeans etc to go through. I ended up trying each pair on and suprisingly, I ended up keeping all the pairs of jeans (about 4 pairs) bar one – my favourite pair. I had to get rid of them though. I had worn them so much that they had gone into holes >.< Byebye favourite jeans…



I ended up getting rid of:


Some tshirts and a jumper


5 skirts


3 lovely dresses
3 lovely dresses


3 cardigans
3 cardigans



The whole pile (including so many pairs of tights)
The whole pile (including so many pairs of tights)



I even found 2 pairs of jeans that need taken up… a lot. They’re measured and pins are in to mark where I want them. Chris’ mum is going to give them to a girl she knows to do them for me =]




I have to say, I’m so happy with how tidy the wardrobe is. And the car. Especially the car.




Round 2 will be when I get into the loft to have a look through everything there! I wonder how much I’ll end up getting rid of…





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