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It’s Official

Today I had to drive to Armagh SRC for a group interview for the course I had applied for. Now I know how bad it can be getting round that one roundabout that’s close to the school so I left early. Thankfully, it was easy for me to get round. I was actually able to get to Armagh pretty easily. I wanted to park far away from other cars but that just wasn’t possible in this car park. I mean the place is always crowded. I had been stressing over it all day (small spaces are just not my thing) but guess what? I parked perfectly beside another car on my first try. I was actually so pleased that I wanted to take a photo as proof ^.^’ Of course I didn’t actually take a photo. Imagine how strange I would have looked taking a photo in the middle of a car park at a school.




I couldn’t believe how many people were waiting to go into the room. I thought we wouldn’t all fit in! After the teacher called us in, she clarified what the course was for this room. So many people left the room. Clearly all they had heard was “level 3” and thought “Oh, that’s me”.




I had to be at work for 5:30 and travelling to work from Armagh during the heavy traffic would take forever so I made sure to sit right at the front of the room. I was planning on jumping at any chance to get the one on one interview bit so I could get to work on time. We were given information about the course then a written ‘test’. There were 3 questions about us that we had to answer. Good job I came prepared with a pen! The teacher began to interview people in the corner of the room. By now it was 4:45. When she said “Whose next?” I had to ask if it was ok for me to be next because I had to go to work. The woman who was already halfway across the room (who I hadn’t seen) wasn’t too pleased. She did let me go next though. The teacher actually asked if I had only just finished my A Levels. She must have thought I looked young. Then again…I was the youngest person in the room. Everyone else was between mid 20’s-40’s. I was so pleased when she said she was offering me a place. I honestly got so happy. I had thought I mightn’t get in because everyone else had done a level 2 or had higher qualifications than me.




So yea, its official. I will be a student starting in September! It’s taken 3 years for me to go back to school and by next year I will be fully qualified to be a classroom assistant/nursery worker. I am excited! It will be hard work (I have 16 compulsory modules and 4 optional ones to do in the one year and it’s all assignment based…and I have to do a placement as well as keeping up my current job) but it will definitely be worth it.


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