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It’s The Little Things

So today will be a busy day. I’m heading to work in half an hour so I got up pretty early. After work I get to go to Gosford again with another friend (Kate). Oh and tonight, I’m sleeping over at Katie’s house. Anton knows so I think he will be excited. Last time I slept over was when my sister was going to hospital to have Callum.




Anyway, I had asked Chris to make me a sandwich for me so that I could eat it as soon as I get home (I’m stopping off home to get changed before going to Gosford – who wants to wear their work clothes outside of work?!) This morning I kinda realised he wouldn’t be awake (most likely) by the time I got back so I made my own sandwich while I made breakfast. Only when I came into the living room to have my morning dose of music and a chapter or 2 of manga did I see something. A file page was sitting on top of my laptop saying “Read the note”.




Hmm, note? I had considered not reading it tbh, thinking that it would be something like put the washing out or w/e (you never know) but I decided to take a peek.




Here’s what I saw:



How thoughtful =]



Seriously? This made my day. I like how he added his own order in ^.^’ I just thought it was so nice of him to do that. I don’t want to waste the sandwich I made so I won’t buy one for me but I will get Chris’.




I have a feeling this will be a good day.


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