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Last night I slept over at my sisters. Anton knew so he was excited. I was really thinking he was not going to sleep at all. The weather had been amazing so I had taken another trip to Gosford (I will post some nice pictures later) after work. Being out and about all day (work at 8, Gosford after work then to my friends and finally going over to my sisters) had been fun. I thought I would have been much more tired than I was.



Anyway, my other sister was babysitting during the day and had phoned me a few times to ask questions. She had actually phoned as soon as I had arrived home and asked if I could arrive any sooner than planned so of course I grabbed my stuff and left.



I arrived to see them eating dinner. As soon as I arrived it was just straight into mummy mode for me. I went about tidying and got Callum ready for bed. made his bottle (my sister still wasn’t sure how to do it so I had to show her) then she played a couple of games on the Wii with Anton. Soon enough I got Anton ready for bed. He used to hate me changing him or even letting me see him use the pot but now he doesn’t mind me at all =]



Usually I let Anton choose his pajamas because he has to go to his room for that so getting him to bed ends up easy. Last night he chose his spiderman onesie. I think it’s my favourite thing to see him in. It just looks cool. As we put it on he pretends he’s transforming into Spiderman. “one Spiderman leg, 2 Spiderman leg, 1 Spiderman arm, 2 Spiderman arm.” Of course he couldn’t leave out the poppers. “One Spiderman pop. Pop!” right up until the last one. “I’m Spiderman now.” Love his cuteness. I spent the next hour cleaning up the house while my sister slept (she had a headache and was freezing even though it was roasting). Obviously I slept pretty much straight away.



This morning I woke up at 6am because I knew Callum might be awake. I was just conscious of it even in my sleep. I ended up getting myself ready for the day and tidied a little more before making myself breakfast. Still the only one awake. I was so tempted to wake Callum just for some company. There wasn’t much I could do while I waited since I already had Antons uniform and Callums whole outfit sitting ready to put on. I had folded the laundry the night before too. Then I heard something. Anton was awake! I was so happy. Katie let him out of the room just as I got to the top of the stairs. he held my hand happily and we got to spend time sitting together after I made his breakfast. Spending time with him in the morning is just so nice.



Around 8 Callum finally woke up. He was pretty happy to see me. I thought he might have been a bit strange with me being there in the morning since it was his first time experiencing it but I guess not. Now all systems were go. I had to get Callums breakfast and medicine, get both boys ready such a hard thing to do when Anton just wants to run around and play) and get them in the car to big Anton to school. Thankfully we made it on time. I had a chance to take a shower while Anton was at school too so Callum got to chill in the bathroom for a bit. He’s so cute. He spent ages brushing my hair. I took a video (how can I not save this cuteness) but I won’t post it because my sister doesn’t want her kids faces shown and I will respect that. =]



The weather turned out to be great today so we got to do so much. I walked down with the double pram to collect Anton (who had been to visit his new school and loved it) who greeted me with a running jump and hug but sheer disappointment that my car wasn’t with me. I let him walk because “prams are for babies” and he told me all about school. Back home, I changed Anton and we got to make buns. He had been asking to make them since yesterday. he couldn’t wait to eat them. We ended up having a picnic in the garden, played on the swing, used chalk to draw all sorts of things, made a for, had dinner, Callum went to bed, Anton and I painted masks and played and by 7:30 he asked to go to bed. Pretty successful. He ended up asleep in a matter of minutes.



I wish these had dried fully before Anton went to bed so that we could have worn them.
I wish these had dried fully before Anton went to bed so that we could have worn them.


I spent the next hour or so cleaning dishes, washing the table where Anton decided to decorate it with paint, washed the paint and spilt orange juice floor (which btw was so funny to watch as it happened. It honestly looked like something you’d see on tv) and cleared up the remains of the fort. For me, I look after them like they’re my own kids so I will clean up the mess that is made. I can’t really leave such a mess in someone elses house anyway.



I even treated myself to a tub of Ben and Jerrys (cookie dough is the best) that I had brought over. Such a nice end to the day. I should actually be in bed since I have work in the morning but here I am ^.^’ I’ll be sleeping well tonight!



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