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Looking For Placement And Shopping For Books




I had today off work so I decided to try my luck at getting a placement in my old primary school where I did work experience back when I was 15. I headed down and guess what, the secretary still recognises me. I must not have aged these last few years since she last saw me.




I was lucky to go down today because the vice principal was just starting to take names for placements so I should be high enough on the list. I gave details about my course and the length of placement/how many days as well as my preferred days (I have to fit it in around work and my class so I asked my boss about which days would be most suitable). Let’s hope I hear back soon and hopefully get a placement there.




I decided to look for a new book to read. I still have half of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo left to read as well as the other 2 books from the trilogy but I felt like reading something else.




Of course I got distracted.  I ended up buying a few different things for myself.



2013-06-03 15.33.16

Love this. A big bow to match my big hair.
Love this. A big bow to match my big hair.



Altogether I spent £20 so I think I did alright. I got 3 books for £5 whereas their RRP is £6.99/£7.99 each. Bargain books I love you.




I think I will read The Birthing House tonight. I hope it’s so good that I get glued to the story.


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