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Don’t Look Back – S.B Hayes

I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days but I kept getting distracted ^.^’



Oh well, better late than never, right?



I bought this because it sounded interesting on the back. Of course I began to read it straight after finishing my last book. I was thinking “oh this will be good” as I opened the book.



Yea….it wasn’t. Reading about the girls mum for like 100 pages drove me nuts. It was pretty much her twisted brother who has always hated her went missing and left her clues to come find him which was a game they used to play and it put her in danger a few times. Her mum however, completely ignored the daughter when she tried to speak and only cared about her son. She told the girl to stop being such an attention seeker and that her brother was so much more important. That just made me angry. I almost put the book down a few times because of the mum in the book. It was just infuriating because the mum was such a bad parent.



I don’t know how I stuck it out for the first 100 pages but after that I began to enjoy it. The girl started having scary things happen in the house she went to when she was looking for her brother. Some guy she had met a few times turns out to be staying there because he used to live there when he was a kid or something. They ended up liking each other etc etc. Of course that can’t go smoothly. I began to get interested in what was going to happen next. Would she find her brother? Would she get killed? Hmmm.



The ending was a bit different from what I had expected but I liked it. I’m glad I did keep reading. I absolutely hated the parts with the horrible mother  but the rest was fine. Kinda scary but also sad. I preferred The Birthing House since it was more scary but it was still good in its own way.



All I can say is, if you have the patience to get past those 100 pages give it a go. If you don’t want to even read a little about the mother character don’t even bother picking up the book. It will only annoy you.




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