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2 Hours? That’s Ridiculous!




Today I decided to have a go at straightening my hair, just to see how long it is now.



Of course I regretted it pretty quickly. I alway forget how long it takes and how hot I get while doing it.



Overall, it took at least 2 hours.. Maybe even more. I lost count after the first hour. Imagine sitting straightening hair for that long. The room was actually misty from the heat when I was done.



I’m pretty tempted to take scissors to my hair right now…but I won’t. I don’t want to mess it up.



What’s going to suck is how I have to go outside soon…in the rain. My hair clearly won’t be staying straight for long. Hopefully the rain stops by then and I’ll keep my hood up just to be safe.



My top hides this but, it actually touches my bum now
My top hides this but, it actually touches my bum now



I’ll have to make a hairdressing appointment soon. I feel like I’ve killed a lot of my hair just by straightening it >.<



I used Titanium Plated straighteners by Corioliss (Model C1). They are perfect for thick/curly/coarse hair . Unfortunately I needed to use them at 210°C because of how thick and curly my hair is. They do work really well though.



I should get some wax to keep my hair from getting that fly away look. What wax do you think would be good?


One thought on “2 Hours? That’s Ridiculous!

  1. noo don’t cut yuor hairs, it’d be a waste! They’re simply amazing *_*
    Yeah I know what you mean, it takes ages to have them straight (I used to have my hairs long like yours untill the hairdresser decided to cut them…) but honestly in the end I think it’s worth the wait :p

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