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I’ve wanted to go to Q-Con for ages but I never get the chance to. Simply because I forget the date and end up working. This time, I had thought of booking that week off work so that I could go but….I didn’t book it off in time >.<



I really wanted to go and one friend was even saying I should cosplay with he, her sister and another friend. At first my thought was “I wouldn’t have the guts to do that” but there would be lots of people cosplaying too. I decided I would be a cat ear maid since I already have the ears, tail and collar (complete with bell).



However, I gave up hope when I realised I hadn’t booked off in time…almost. There was still hope that I would magically have the day off that day. I doubt that will happen. Oh well. My sister asked if I’m free on that date anyway to babysit and since I can’t spend any more money for a while (course fees apparently need paid really soon) I will spend time with the kiddies if I don’t have work that day.



I had actually forgotten about it until earlier. I recently found out that I am not the only one who watches Fairy Tail out of my friends so I have had so much fun listening in on conversations about it. I just get so excited that I have even started to re-watch it. Anyway, one of Chris’ friends who have started to watch it sent a photo earlier of a character. It just happened to be one of my favourite characters and in my favourite armour. As soon as I saw it I thought “Ahh I would so cosplay as this if I had the chance to go to Q-Con.”



erza scarlett



I would love it. My hair is already long so it is pretty much sorted and I doubt it would cost much for this outfit. It would be so cool! She’s so OP.



I can always dream…


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