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Ever Amusing Anton




I went over to my sisters today after work for a while since I was bringing her to an appointment.



It turns out that tomorrow is Anton’s last day in his little school so they got to dress in whatever they liked today. Well, everyone was wearing normal clothes…apart from Anton. What did he choose? His Batman costume. She told me how he was wooshing about in his costume making ‘Batman’ noises. Also, each child had to sing a little song by themself in front of all the parents. Each child was singing songs like “I dig my garden” and stuff. Anton’s turn came. Of course he didn’t follow what other kids did. His song was totally made up by him. It was something like “SPIDERMAN CAN FLY AND HE CAN DO *enter other stuff here* and he can fly in his….HELICOPTER!!!!” with an arm swinging above his head for the helicopter. Just seeing her act  it out made me laugh so much. He has the biggest personality. My sister even told me how all the parents had mentioned that when their kids come home they always talk about Anton. Isn’t he a popular little guy?



It didn’t stop there though. On the way home he was wooshing about with his cape and saying I’m batman to everyone who passed and giving thumbs up and stuff. Ah that kid is just so funny. He can brighten anyones day.



Even when we were in the waiting room earlier he wasn’t shy. Anton had been sitting playing with some toys he had brought along when a couple and their daughter who were sitting close by asked me if  he would like a sweet. He went over to accept and said thanks then went back to playing. A few seconds later, their daughter came to give one to me. She came over again to tell me she won a medal for the sack race in school and even a trophy too. All you could hear was Anton saying “What?! No way that’s cool” to her. In the end, the little girl asked me if she could play with him so they played for ages (although both her parents and I had to warn them not to run and to go easy and stay quiet) and had fun. It was as if he made a new friend in that short space of time. He will definitely be popular in his new school.



I can just see Callum following in Anton’s footsteps. Once he gets a bit bigger they will be like 2 comedians.



I wonder what Anton will decide to dress as tomorrow?


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