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‘Fluffy’ Eyes

Today we took Anton to his eye appointment.


Anton had brought 2 toys with him to play with while we waited. As soon as he was called he just dropped the toys and off he went with his mummy. Callum stayed with me, tired and cuddly. Only a few minutes later Anton and Katie reappeared. “That was quick” I thought. Turns out, he had to get drops in his eyes and then wait for 20 minutes while they worked before going back in.



Watching his reactions as his eyes became blurry was so funny. His pupils were huge and he was wobbling about. He had a snack and just stood staring for ages and said “I can’t see it!” putting his hand right up to his face. He was like a drunk old man. Katie and I really couldn’t help but laugh at him. We ended up sitting for an hour overall at the hospital but it didn’t really feel like it.


On the way back to the car he still looked like a drunk old man. His face when he tried to get into the car was priceless. I had to try so hard not to laugh. He must have thought it was really weird too because he kept saying his eyes were all “fluffy” and stuff. Katie had been told that his eyes might stay like that until dinner time. Seriously, that was a long time away. Imagine the amount of laughs we could have gotten out of watching him.



Luckily, he ended up falling asleep for ages. I even had time to drive to Armagh to pay off my course fees (my whole pay went on it) and fill in a form and then drive back while he slept. Callum slept too so the car was pretty quiet. It felt like we were having a day out from us driving for so long. It was a nice change for us all and I got to get stuff done that I had been meaning to do for ages =]



Antons eyes seemed better after his sleep. Watching him going up the stairs was funny though. I stood right behind him though…just to be safe.



I think I will be trying to pick  up as many extra hours as possible over the next month now. I need money for my holiday! It’s going to be a long month >.<


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