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Where Is It?!




Last night just as I was getting ready to go to bed I noticed something sort of close to my feet. Of course I had to get closer to get a good look. What was it? Spider! I wasn’t long jumping away behind Chris. Of course I made him get close to it to look too. He isn’t a fan of spiders either so just imagine the 2 of us when we saw it. I even made him try to kill it. Oh watching him was so funny. He would edge closer then say “Nope can’t do it” but I was behind him so he couldn’t get away. He did try to hit it but that fast little guy ran under the bed.



As soon as that happened Chris threw down the shoe and ran out of the room. For him, he wasn’t planning on coming back into the room. As far as he was concerned it was time to camp in the living room. I had to try looking under the bed for it (honestly thought I would have a heart attack if it reappeared close to my face) but I couldn’t find it.



This went on for an hour until finally, I took everything off the bed and set up my camp site in the living room. I actually made the couch pretty comfy but Chris was planning to sleep on it too. Really? There is no way we can both fit on. He actually attempted to at one point but had to give up and get a blanket to sleep on the couch in the other living room.



We’ve been searching (and running out as soon as we get scared) but we still can’t find the spider. What will we do tonight =S


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