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Our weather has been quite good so far this week. I think it’s actually supposed to stay this way for the rest of the week too. Luckily for me, I’m off work today and tomorrow so I can enjoy it.



On Saturday evening I decided to go for a long walk with one of my sisters after work. We walked for hours. I did a little check on google maps and it says I walked about 7.5 miles. I am really not used to walking since I got the car because, let’s face it, a car is so much easier and I’m lazy. I need to get used to walking again though with Chris having the car for uni in September so I might as well start walking more.



It was actually pretty hot even though it was after 7pm when I left the house. I regretted keeping my black trousers on pretty quickly. I walked to tow to meet my sister then up past her old school, further until we reached the hospital then down past our granny’s house, back to town, into Tesco then back to her house before I walked home. I think I did pretty well for not walking much over the last few months. Behind my knee really hurt the next day though.



We’ve decided to make this walk a regular thing so, after she finishes eating, I will be heading to meet her to do it all again.



Hopefully doing this walk will help me to lose weight before my holiday (only weeks away now!) and it will get me ready for the amount of walking we will be doing in Germany.



Ok, time to get ready for this walk!




One thought on “Walking

  1. our next walk needs to be soon, possibly tomorrow evening, Monday or Tuesday. My food time is 6pm every night

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