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Cage Of Bones by Tania Carver



I started reading Cage Of Bones a while ago but ended up leaving it after I started to re-watch Fairy Tail. Anyway, I picked it back up 3 days ago and guess what? I finished reading it last night.



The book is so good! I think it’s the best one I’ve read lately. I thought it was so interesting following the investigation and there are twists you wouldn’t expect.



I found myself saying “Ah don’t go there you’re going to get hurt” and stuff while reading parts. It’s really easy to get into this book. I honestly wouldn’t go to bed last night until it was finished. I just had to keep going to find out who the killer was/how everything ended. As you read it you kind of get an idea of who the bad guys are but just can’t be too sure until you read more.



Honestly, I would recommend this book. It really is a good read. If you’re into police investigations with murder and kidnapping along with a raid and secrets, you will love this book.


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