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Playdate With Anton




It’s roasting again today. I left work at 11AM so I went to pick up Anton.



He was pretty excited. On the way over, he kept saying he likes coming to my house and that he loves me and my car. Cute wee guy. I had plans for us. Last night I picked up a couple of cardboard boxes from another sister so that we could make a crown and sword for Anton today.



Before making the crown and sword we had to say hi to Chris’ mum and sister who were out the back. And see Diesel. I had to carry him because the ground was hot and he talked away to them before he wanted to come in. Inside, I measured his head then drew it on the cardboard. Cut it out and stick it into the right shape them we were ready to go. He was excited to paint his crown. We sat for ages painting it and adding glitter. Next was his sword. He decided his sword had to be green. As soon as we had covered it in paint, he got the glitter ready. The amount for glitter on it was unreal. Seeing it finished, Anton’s reaction was “I think it’s a bit awesome.”


Side 2
Side 2
Side 1
Side 1


As we waited for it all to dry, we decided to eat. Anton had gotten a little shy since Chris’ sister was in the kitchen too. After taking a look and offering different things he made a decision. “How about…cheese on toast” After food we watched Batman. He was completely glued. “Batman Batman!” he would say while pointing at the screen. Every time Batman appeared. There’s something about sitting down that just makes me so sleepy. I was struggling to keep my eyes open when I heard a dogs claws on the wooden floor. “Cassie! Nattie, Cassie’s here! Why’s she here?” It took me a minute to see the dog and understand. It was a dog that looks like his. “Oh that’s not Cassie, it just looks like her. Want to go see the dog?” He took my hand and we went after it. Dear love him, when we got to the back door he stopped dead. “It’s too hot outside” he said while covering his eyes. I said if I picked him up would it be ok (he had said earlier that the ground was too hot) I didn’t have to wait for an answer. The dog came towards us and he stepped outside to touch it. It barked though so he came straight back to me. We went out for a couple of minutes but he just couldn’t stick the heat.



Once we were back inside I asked if he would like to make scones.” Ooo yeah!” a smile came across his face. By now Chris was awake too so he chatted to him. We began making scones (he called them little cakes for mummy) but as soon as his hands got dirty his face changed. He slowly took his hands out and tried to clean it all off. “I think I’m ninished now” he said. Yes he says ninished for finished. It’s quite cute. Anyway, he got off as much as he could and asked me to wash his hands. We were still in the middle of mixing so I got him to help put the milk in for me first. He listened carefully and added little bits at a time. He’s such a good boy. As soon as we had done that we washed his hands. He stood really paying attention to make sure every bit of the mix came off. I asked if he wanted to cut the shapes but he just said he was finished now so he watched Batman (and Chris’ game).



Our scones turned out alright. Instead of doing one normal shape, I decided to try out heart-shaped scones. They didn’t rise as well as I had hoped but they do taste fine. Anton came to see them and picked out one for his mummy. I added some more for her and he ate a few. I had to take him home by 4pm before the parade arrived back in town. Just in case there was any trouble. When I told him it was almost time to go home he went so quiet and sad. “But..but…I’m not ready yet.” I gave him a few more minutes but even then he didn’t want to leave. He said it didn’t want to but when we asked he just said “It’s fine.” He knew he had to give in. I promised he could come back again. He had to say bye to everyone before leaving and even gave Chris a kiss!



2013-07-12 15.33.34 2013-07-12 15.33.26



Back at Katie’s house, Anton was running about with his sword. He wanted me to come play in his room too. I felt so bad because I had to leave since we’re having a BBQ. He said he didn’t want me to go away and was a bit upset. In the end I had to go. He watched me leave and seemed ok so hopefully he’s satisfied with how he knows I’ll come back over the next day I’m free.



I had wanted to paint his face today but I didn’t have face paint and it’s so hot that it would just melt back off again anyway. I guess that can be done the next time he comes over.




My eyes are so itchy with hay fever right now so I’ll stop writing and take some eye drops.



Byebye (^.^)/


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