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When Your Brain Says “Afraid Of Blood And Needles? Let’s Donate Blood Where You Can See Both!”




Today was blood doning day. Now I’ve never done it before and really don’t like needle or blood but I thought I would give it a try. I worked 7-1 then drove straight over. I didn’t think it was a good idea that I drove because it meant I would have to drive myself home afterwards. Of course I ignored that thought because I didn’t want to drive home to walk back to town in the heat.



I met my sister and her boyfriend who have both done it before. I had no idea what I had to do when I went in so my sister talked me through getting the form and what was going to happen. I think anyone could tell I was nervous just to glance at me. My legs were shaking so badly when I was sitting and my hands…well they were just more shaky than usual.



First off was a pin prick to test iron levels or something. I had to look away because I knew I would jerk my hand away if I saw it coming. Even without looking I tried to move away ^.^’ I have respect for diabetics. I don’t know how they manage to do that to themselves so often. It hurts so much! I had to hold back tears just from that!



Next was a talk with the nurse. I wasn’t sure if I liked her to be honest. She just didn’t seem that friendly. After her, it was time to get the blood taken.



We were in the town hall and the beds were able to be seen so easily. Sure there was a screen but we lay right beside people we didn’t know. The man taking my blood was alright. Thankfully. He knew it was my first time doing it. The one thing I was dreading was the needle. I’ve only ever had to get blood taken at the doctors twice in my life and I didn’t like it one bit then. The nurse had to come to put the needle in and guess what? I’m convinced she tried to make it painful. I actually moved a bit when I felt it and a tear escaped my eye. Maybe I’m just a wimp but I felt so nervous and couldn’t believe how sore it was. I was told it would be ‘comfortable’ once the needle was in. Sure, if I didn’t move. I moved my fingers every now and then because of pins and needles and the pain was so weird. I could feel the blood going out of my arm. Bleh. I didn’t talk to the man. I just stared at the ceiling, wondering where my sister and her boyfriend were.



After a while I relaxed a little and the man started to talk. Maybe that’s what helped me to relax. He must have seen how scared I looked. Once we got talking he was really friendly. We talked about work and nail polish (thanks to me not being able to get all of the polish off the night before). After about half an hour, they had finished taking my blood. Now it was time for the next scary part.



I have really hairy arms so I was dreading the plaster holding the needle in, being pulled off my arm. I just imagined the hair being ripped out. At least it would have been like a free wax. Getting the needle out hurt a lot too. I didn’t mind putting the pressure on the vein after but seeing a bit of blood on my arm made me feel sick. My brain just said “Nope, don’t like that” so I had to try distracting myself.



My sister was done resting so she came over after seeing my ‘nervous face’ to see if I was ok. I felt alright but just stayed relaxing. I wasn’t even going to try getting up after a pint of blood was drained from my body. My sister sat talking to me and then I saw it. Someone started to black out right in front of me. They kind of just…drooped? I swear if the man hadn’t been there, they would have fallen onto the floor. Their head hit his back and just stayed there, pale white with eyes wide open and not moving. I started to panic. What if the same thing happened to me. I had to keep telling myself  “don’t cry” as I watched 3 of the staff lift the person onto a bed and try to bring the person round. The staff clearly noticed my reaction and had to tr to reassure me that it was ok and the person was going to be fine. I must have turned pale watching it happen.


I stayed lying for ages. I think the man who took my blood knew I was panicking over it so told me to rest for longer to make sure I was alright. After a while I sat up and talked to my sister again but I started seeing the world spin and go a little black. I suprised myself over how calm I was about that. I just thought “Oh. Ok. World’s spinning a bit and going black. Don’t want to be like the other person. Let’s lie back down.” I lay back and my sister just looked at me. Now she was starting to ask if I was ok. I lay for a while longer and almost fell asleep. Only because I had to close my eyes so that I wouldn’t see the needle going into the person beside me. I started to feel really sick too. Probably from actually glancing at the blood coming down a tube from someones arm.



Finally, I sat up. The man got us both some juice and chatted with us. After a couple of minutes we were able to go over to the table filled with biscuits where her boyfriend had been patiently waiting for about half an hour…maybe more. We sat and talked while I munched on about 1o biscuits. I was doubting I would be able to drive home. I did let Chris know but he wasn’t going to be able to get down for another hour and I really didn’t want to wait that long so I decided to drive.



I felt fine walking back to the car and driving…although I did stall twice so I guess I was a bit out of it. I got home (which I can’t even remember) then told Chris about it all. By then I was getting dizzy and sick feeling again so I went to bed. I ended up sleeping on and off for the next 6ish hours. I woke up to sit and tie Chris’ hair out of the way for him (darn heat) but everything began to spin so I couldn’t even do it properly then lay back and that was it. Chris got a fan to keep me cool and I was back in dreamland.



I couldn’t even eat dinner! I thought that if I ate I would be sick. My arm was so sore too. It took until around 8pm for me to get up and feel normalish. I ate a few slices of bread and butter with tea and crisps just for a bit of energy and then had a couple of biscuits for something sugary. Finally I was feeling OK. The only problem is that now I feel sick from eating so many biscuits today. I’m still a bit shaky and it’s already coming up to 11pm. Hopefully I’m back to normal tomorrow because I have a long day at work. Don’t want to be collapsing on the shop floor!


I’ve decided that blood doning is fine for most people but I think it just doesn’t agree with me.



I think I’ll try to sleep for the night.


Byebye (^.^)/


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