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Day 18 – Delicate

“So, I’m still a day behind. I will make sure I catch up today! I’ve been up since 5:15AM to get a shower etc before leaving for work at 6:30 (read: 6.45 – cutting it close today)  and work ended at 11am. What a nice end to the week. I visited my sister and her kids after work while Dad was at her house (days where he and I are free at the same time are rare) and now I am home and relaxing.”



That is what I wanted to say but instead of relaxing I did some cleaning and ironing (after a nap of course) and then got told we were leaving in 30 minutes to see Pacific Rim so I didn’t have time to post this so now this theme is a couple of days behind even though I had my nails done for it. What’s even better is that I forgot about not having posted it until I posted todays theme. Way to go me.



Anyway, back to this themes post. My first thought at seeing this theme was “Yay this is super easy!” I chose French tips (yup 2 days in a row of doing tips) with a butterfly because butterflies are delicate. Quick and simple. It was also good because it meant I could catch up more easily.



My French manicure set is from Avon and the butterflies are from Poundland. I chose this butterflybecause of its bright colour. It is summer after all. I wouldn’t mind having some fruit filmo slices actually.


2013-07-20 11.17.35


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