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Pacific Rim

On Friday, Chris decided we were heading to the cinema with a few friends. Sure, I knew we were going but I didn’t know what time we were leaving. I just happened to ask while I was ironing and what did he say? “Half an hour.” What?! Here I was standing ironing in the heat with my hair a mess (thanks to a nap earlier that day) and now having to quickly finish the ironing to make sure we can leave in time. Hmm. Good job I was already wearing what I wanted to wear to the cinema.  There will be some spoilers by the way so you have been warned =]



it was still roasting outside so I dreaded getting into the car. I got an ice lolly to keep myself cool though so it wasn’t as bad. We hadn’t booked our tickets so we were hoping there was room for us. We arrived half an hour early so that we could get tickets (if there were any) and good seats and also for food. I don’t know how they managed to eat KFC in this heat but I couldn’t eat a thing. Heat just ruins my appetite. We managed to get good seats! No straining your neck to see the screen for us!



The first half of the movie was a bit slow. Not much fighting going on but still watchable. Something I did think about while I was watching it was “Hey, theres people from Sons of Anarchy.” First Charlie Hunnam was the main character (Raleigh Becket) and then Ron Perlman appeared as Hannibal Chau. To be honest, I couldn’t really believe him as Hannibal Chau. I just kept thinking of him as the dad in Sons of Anarchy. In the beginning I wasn’t sure about Charlie either but I forgot about him being  Jax as the movie went on.



I did have a couple of questions though. If the Kaiju were supposed to be clones, why was one pregnant? Why was Charlie able to get the Jaeger back to land safely if he was only controlling one side of it? I mean it was set up so that there were 2 people to control the Jaegers because sole control would be too much for one person to handle yet when his brother died, Charlie was able to control the full thing. How did he gain control of it all and be ok afterwards?



There were some funny scenes in the movie such as Hannibal Chau running from the newborn Kaiju then when he thought it was dead he came back and pretended he knew it would only last a minute since “it’s lungs weren’t fully formed” and he threw his knife into it’s nose. When he took it out of course the thing decided to eat him. Mhm, real dead. That’s what he gets for acting smart.



Dr. Hermann Gottlieb just made me laugh. His character was there to provide a break from all the fighting and add some humour. I think the actor played the role well with the way he spoke and his funny walk/run.I didn’t like Dr. Newton Geiszler as much but he was there for the humour factor too and did have some amusing parts.



I liked the fights and the effects were good but the only thing I can say is that I found it hard to catch what was being said by the people piloting the Jaegers sometimes. It just seemed like the noise from the fight was drowning out what was being said. The only thing I did get was what Mako said to Stacker Pentecost right before he and his partner self destructed their Jaeger and it wasn’t even in English. It didn’t have a subtitle for that bit either. For anyone who doesn’t know bits and pieces of that language it would have been meaningless. Luckily I could understand it. She told him she loved him. Not the ‘I want to be with you’ love. A family kind of love. He did save her and raise her after all.



Overall, it was a good movie with some good fights but it would have been better if I could hear what they were saying more easily. I feel like some of the remaining pilots died too easily. They were supposed to be good since they had survived so long so to die as quickly as they did didn’t seem quite right. Give the movie a go to see what you think.



Oh and just a tip: there is an after credit scene which I didn’t know about so we left but stay and watch it.


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