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Makai Ouji; Devils and Realist – My Impression So Far



So far I haven’t found many animes I actually like out of this seasons line up. Most of them seem silly/boring or are second seasons of things I have no interest in watching.


However, Makai Ouji; Devils and Realist did catch my attention.


See the one with the long hair? Yea, that's a guy.
See the one with the long hair? Yea, that’s a guy.


As always, I liked the opening song. Always a good way to tell if I will like an anime or not. I like the ending too. Probably because they’re sung by Takuya Eguchi, Takuma Terashima, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Tetsuya Kakihara all of whom I just happen to like.



Another thing I think is important is the cast. Some voice actors just don’t seem as good as others which makes it more difficult to really get into the story/character. I think the cast for this anime is good. The people mentioned above have been part of other animes I enjoyed such as Sword Art Online, UtaPri, Fairy Tail (yay for Natsu’s voice actor!) and Kuroko no Basuke. Oh and Jun Fukuyama is also in the cast (ohhh yeaaa). How can I not like an anime with such an amazing line up?



I’m already getting hooked to this anime. I want to know whats going to happen and who William will choose. Dantallion (who I have already decided is my favourite character) has already asked “why doesn’t he (William) remember? What does he not remember? I want to know! I want to see what quircky characters appear and what will happen now that Kevin is at the school as a priest. I can kind of see Dantallion and William ending up together…maybe it’s just me but that’s the feeling I got from episode 2 (did you see how many times their faces were so close it was like they would kiss?!)



Anyway, this is one anime I would say for you to watch. I think there will be some twists close to the end of the series.


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