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Day 24 – Inspired By A Tutorial

I promise this is the last post today. I want to have caught up before tomorrows because I’m busy tomorrow so I won’t be able to post everything then. A few of my nails have broken in the last couple of days thanks to work. Oh and one from fluffing a pillow. Really? I didn’t know it was even possible to do that. I don’t want to make the rest of my nails short again though because the themes are getting harder and it would just be easier to work on longer nails.



Hmm time for one based on a tutorial. As soon as I read that one popped into my head. I had watched a tutorial ages ago and pretty much remembered how to do it so I gave it a go. You can find the tutorial here. It’s part 2.



I don’t have a nude colour so I used a kind of purple/blue by Colour works and white for the design.



I thought white would look good with it. Oh I had to change the white I was using to the Avon white because this one was too gloopy. I was trying to finish this theme before work but because of the white not working I had to give up and leave my nails plain until I got home.



Ok so in my head I remembered the girl doing the tutorial using a toothpick for the whole design so I used a toothpick for it all. Only when I searched for the link so I could use it in this post did I realise she used a brush for most of it and the toothpick was only for the dots. Oops. No wonder mine isn’t as neat. I should have looked at the tutorial instead. Well, it does say “inspired by” so I guess it’s ok. I used a dotting tool for my dots btw. Way easier than using a toothpick for it.


Step 1
Step 1



Step 2. Draw 3 circles on one side.
Step 2. Draw 3 circles on one side.


Step 3. Add lots of lines. Doesn't matter if it's messy
Step 3. Add lots of lines. Doesn’t matter if it’s messy


Step 4. Add dots.
Step 4. Add dots.



Add a top coat to even it out a bit and it actually looks ok. I have to admit, my thumb looks pretty good. Not bad for using my right hand.



2013-07-24 19.25.28




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