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8 Reasons Why I’m Thankful For The Heat




We’ve had 2 weeks of good weather so far (this week isn’t as warm and has actually rained a bit). I can’t believe it. Over the past 2 weeks I’ve found a few reasons to be thankful for the heat despite my lack of ability to cope with being so warm.



1. Running late for work and my hair is still soaking. Don’t worry, the heat inside the car will have it dried by the time you get to work! Seriously, this has saved me a couple of times so far.



2. Tanning. I’m more tanned than I have been in ages. I usually burn but this time my arms have just gone brown. Now I just have to get my legs to catch up.



Excuse how hairy my arm is ^.^'
Excuse how hairy my arm is ^.^’



3. It’s easier to get up in the mornings. Who can really stand lying in a bed that’s now roasting. I get up pretty easily thanks to that. Doesn’t stop me from running late for work though. Blame the internet for that ^.^’



4. Less of an appetite. Now I can lose a bit of weight before my holiday. Always a plus.



5. This is something I’m most thankful for. Remember that ‘little’ bump I had a few months back that left a dent in the car? Well, the heat popped it back out! It looks like it’s never been hit. How amazing is that. Our windscreen washer thing (yea, I don’t know its proper name but it’s the bit water sprays out of) has mysteriously started working again too. Maybe the heat helped to unblock it?



6. Walking weather. Even though I don’t deal well with the heat there is part of me that just wants to go out in it. I’ve been going for walks which is great because it’s the only exercise I get and it is sort of preparing me for the amount of walking I’ll be doing in Germany…and when Chris goes back to uni since he will have the car.



7. More water, less tea. I can finally start my weaning off tea. I can see a difference in my skin already just from drinking more water. Hopefully it keeps improving.



8. I get to wear my summer clothes that I never get the chance to wear during the year. Can’t say it was a waste of money any more!



I’m sure I’ll find more reasons if the weather continues. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Byebye (^.^)/


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