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Kamisama No Inai Nichiyoubi

So far, I’m liking this anime. Opening and ending songs … I think I like. I like how it’s drawn. I like Hampnie Hambart (kind of my main reason to watch this) Voice actors seem good. Can’t say I would recognise their voices like I would with other voice actors (I can tell Miyano Mamoru’s voice a mile off) but they’re believable.



What an introduction
What an introduction



The story itself is interesting. People stopped dying and being able to have kids 15 years ago but the people aren’t actually immortal. If they’re shot they are technically dead but they can’t rest unless they’re given a proper burial by a ‘gravekeeper’. It’s a bit like zombies for the faint hearted because they’re mostly peaceful. The only immortal one is Hampnie Hambart who just goes round ‘killing’ people. What I want to know is how come he is doing that if he thinks the dead have no place among the living? Are the people he shoots actually already ‘dead’ and he is just making people aware of that so that they can be buried? Is he really Ai’s dad? I think he is but I can’t be sure. Who is Hana? Is she actually Ai’s mum? Hampnie Hambart has mentioned something about a secret regarding the town Ai lived in. I want to know what it is. See? There are things to make you want to keep watching. Well, every question was answered by the end of the third episode. Pretty much. It sucks how Humpnie Humbert died already. Why did he die? Wasn’t he immortal? I’m actually a bit sad about how he’s died. And annoyed. Don’t kill off my reason to watch this anime.



I guess I’ll keep watching it to see if any more good characters appear.


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