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Sally Hansen Maximum Growth


I’m convinced I had published this post but it disappeared from my blog and went back into my drafts section so I edited it and scheduled it for publishing. Only thing is…the changes I made didn’t appear when it was published. I honestly wouldn’t have realised if it hadn’t been for Craftynail commenting on it (thank you.)



I had been considering buying something to help my nails grow so I bought Sally Hansen Maximum Growth while it was on offer a while ago.


2013-06-04 17.15.21


“The back of the packet said it is supposed to help nails grow within 1 week with visible results as well as stop them from peeling and breaking. I figured it would be great for my nails. I did as the packet said and put a new coat on every day, waiting to see the results. Did I see nails growing? Nope. Ok my nails grew…as much as they normally would have in a week. So much for maximum growth. Also, instead of stopping my nails from peeling, I have noticed my nails peel more than ever. Oh and the polish itself bubbles every now and then and comes off. The only good things is that it makes nails look shiny and nice and that my nails don’t break…as much.”


That was my first impression. I read on BrijitsDigits that wrapping your nails in a base coat/growth thing will help to protect the whole nail from water which makes them weak. I tried it and have been using it during the Oh Mon Dieu nail challenge and it has worked pretty well. my nails started out tiny and after a week or so I saw a good amount of difference. They are stronger now too. Ok they still break every now and then (fluffing a pillow…I don’t even know how I managed that) but only 2 nails breaking (one work related) in the whole month is pretty good. Even so, I can already see white tips appearing and I only broke them a few days ago. I think wrapping my nails in the polish really helped.



Overall I would give it maybe 7/10 because my nails do peel a bit even though I’ve been using it and because my nails growth seems to have slowed down.




2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Maximum Growth

  1. Really? This stuff worked great for me! I used it everyday during an april nail art challenge and I got no breaks and my nails just kept growing. I have a feeling that everyone has different nail issues and ya have to find the perfect product just for you!

  2. I am so confused. I had edited this post and then scheduled it (I was on a roll one day so why not schedule posts while I have the ideas in my head?) This was my first impression of it but I’ve been using it for the OMD challenge and it’s working pretty well. I wonder why the edited part didn’t save? I definitely posted this before as well but it disappeared and went back into my drafts section. WordPress has been a bit iffy for me lately, It won’t always let me load my stats or follow people and sometimes my posts don’t post/disappear =S I’ll have to edit this one again.

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