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DIY Photo Frame For Kids




I’ve spent so much time with Anton and Callum over the last few days since I haven’t had to work. On Monday I arrived for 11AM so that my sister could go to the gym. Anton was pretty happy. We played for a bit while mummy got ready and sat watching tv. I could already tell he was tired. Callum was taking a nap so as soon as mummy left, we started making something.



Once again we got out a cardboard box (which turned into a Superman Rocket for ages) to make a photo frame. I had wanted to make it for a while now so I’m pretty happy that we got to make it. It’s pretty simple to make.


1. Draw the size of the photo so you know it’s big enough.

2.  Draw a larger shape around it

4. Cut it out

5. Cut out some more cardboard to hold it up when it’s finished

6. Draw around the child’s hand and cut it out so you can add it on later.



I made another one for Anton to paint. His painting skills are in a world of their own =D For ages he wouldn’t let me change his top to paint so we gave up and played and ran about downstairs then sat down to watch TV again. No amount of begging to let me change his top would work so I had to give up. Eventually, he looked at me and said “I want to paint” in a sad voice as if he had been waiting to do it so I told him we could if he would let me change his top. “OK!” Finally, I won!



Before we even got to paint, he got distracted again. By cake this time. “Can I gave some pleeeeeeeease?”



After cake we got to painting. I was suprised Callum was still asleep. We painted for ages (even the Superman Rocket was painted) and he added glitter. By added I mean I turned away for one minute and heard The glitter is gone!” Yup, gone. All over the floor. He had unscrewed the lid and poured it out. He went to do it with another one but I told him if he did we couldn’t use them any more. He went purely quiet and sad. I told him I wasn’t telling him off, I was just explaining because if it goes all over the floor we can’t use it again. I was afraid of him bursting into tears because he was tired.



“Ah Callums awake I’m going to see him! I’m ninished now!” and off he ran. I tided up the mess and went to join them.


My photo frame
My photo frame


Anton was playing away in his room when I got upstairs. Callum was looking to get out of his cot. Needless to say, he was off to Antons room as soon as I set him down. We played for a while. Anton decided to build blocks on the landing near the fish tank. One minute he was fine and the next…he hit his head off the corner of the fish tank. Poor wee guy cried his eyes out. We sat cuddling and rubbing his head trying to make him better for a few minute and even Callum came over to see if he was alright. “I’m not ok Callum, the fish tank hurt my head” We ended up going downstairs to play as “punishment” for the fish tank (as if it was having time in the naughty corner. Love this childs logic)



We sat and watched Spiderman on tv after a crying match about going to the toilet. “But I’m gonna tell you” he cried over and over but it was so clear that he needed to go. “If you go I will put Spiderman on TV for you” “I be back in 10 minutes you stay here until I call you” and off he ran. Two seconds later “Nattie I did it!” Bribes are handy. My sister arrived back a few minutes later to get ready for her driving lesson. I took Anton and Callum outside to play. Anton played on the swing for ages (my arms got quite a work out) and Callum crawled about playing with a ball. He loves balls right now. He bounces them about. Cute wee guy. Callum spotted something. A bike. Antons old one. I saw him standing and trying to climb onto it. I had to grab him so that he wouldn’t fall. Anton saw me putting him onto the bike and said “Callum can’t peddle. He’s too small. I can do it though” and ran straight for his Thomas the Tank Engine bike. We went around the estate a couple of times. Anton whizzed along while I held Callum on and pushed him about. Callum was loving it. His legs were moving about and he was bouncing about laughing away. It’s weird seeing him sitting on it when it seems that not all that long ago Anton used it. What’s even more weird is that Callum actually fits it perfectly. Now all he needs to do is learn to peddle. He already knows to hold the handles from watching  Anton.



For lunch he decided he would like more cake. “You’ve already had cake. What else would you like? “Maybe a bun?” “Don’t have any” ” Awk Naomi just forgot” “Yep she forgot so can’t have a bun.” “How about….a cake and bun?!” See where this is going? We went to the fridge. “I want dinner. Like rice!” “Really?” It wasn’t dinner time yet. In the end he settled for a coleslaw sandwich. He saw Callum was eating a couple of yogurts so of course he had to get some too. Callum being the greedy wee child that he is ended up finishing his own as well as Antons yogurts.




Anton had gone back outside to play. All you could hear was “Nattie push me on the swing higher and higher and higher.” “Nattie hurry up.” Push me. push me pleeeasee” When I finally went back out he ran to the swing. You know how there’s a bar at the side of the swing? Well, he had put the seat over that and decided to push it off then swing himself under that bar. What happened next? Yep, the swing flew back into his face. He paused for a second then roared. I didn’t see just how bad it was until he took his hand away. Blood was everywhere. I had to keep calm in front of him but I was panicking a little inside. Were his teeth all ok? It looked so bad with the amount of blood. I carried him back inside telling him he was alright don’t worry and that I would fix it. After cleaning up the blood it looked so much better. Thank goodness. He did have a busted lip but his teeth were all ok. Now it was time to try to stop the bleeding. We washed his mouth out (I’m sorry but I taught him how to spit the water back out of his mouth so that we could get rid of any blood in there) and he said “I want to go back to the garden.” As soon as he got out he rubbed his lip and saw more blood on his hand and burst into tears again. Poor wee guy. I sat him on my knee for ages just rocking him, comforting him and holding a wet cloth on his lip to stop the bleeding. He stopped crying after a while but lay there silently. I asked if he was ok. ” I feel sick” Poor wee guy. The shock and the pain would do that. His wee hand had started to shake and his eyes were closing. “Stay awake Anton” He couldn’t keep his eyes open any more. He was too tired.



His daddy took both boys for a walk to the horses to try to keep Anton awake. Of course, Anton came back perfectly fine. It’s great how quickly they can forget about an accident that they’ve had. Callum was having a good time completely unconcerned about everything around him. He got some shoes the other day so he got to walk holding hands. Hopefully he does it on his own soon. I got home after 4 completely wrecked. Kids take up a lot of engery but they’re worth it.

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