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Ohhh yes! This was my instant favourite anime of the season.



I saw the previews for it and was instantly in love with the characters which are well-played the voice actors (Miyano Mamoru woohoo)



I was so excited to watch this. As soon as I heard the opening song I thought “Hmm…it’s not as good as I expected but it might grow on me.” The ending on the other hand…well I love it. I think the ending is very like Magi because of how they’re dressed (I like). I love the wee dance and Rin Matsuoka here:




And here. Mhm.
And here. Mhm. Yes please.



Rei Ryūgazaki is clearly there for the comedy side, what with his unexpected behaviours/moments. Hmm, that last jump before he asked to join the swim club. Never expected that. The main characters are just loveable.


I don’t like sports myself but I will watch anime with it. I’ve seen Kuroko No Basuke and a couple of football ones and actually found them interesting. This one just happens to have a lot of fan service. It’s not overbearing either because obviously they’re going to be showing off their bodies. It’s swimming after all. Well played. I won’t complain. Ah, my love for 2D characters is slipping out ^.^’



Ahem. Anyway, watch it. Do it.



2 thoughts on “Free!

  1. I love this anime! At first I didn’t think I would like it because it was all about sports, but the characters are just too amazing to not like it^^

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