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Cute and Cool School Stuff




You can now find me on Twitter. I’m not too sure how to use it yet but I’ll get there.



Anyway, yesterday I found something cool in work. A Batman schoolbag for Anton for only £5.99! He’s really into superheros right now. Everything is about Batman and Captain America. Oh and Spiderman (as well as all the others.)



Guess what? It fits me! I have to admit, I’m a little too proud of myself for that ^.^’



2013-08-03 10.20.37




A bit closert to see the bag
A bit closer to see the bag better



I also found something for myself. I’ll be starting my course next month so I need to buy a few things to go. I was rearranging part of the kids section and look what I found:


2013-08-03 10.18.34


Complete with cute pages
Complete with cute pages



So cute! I had to buy it. I know I can’t hand in my work on this paper but I can use it for notes during class.




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