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Freckles. Freckles Everywhere

The wasps have been appearing in our house the last few days. One flew into our living room so I had to evacuate and leave my laptop behind. I hate those things.




I had most of the day left so I had to try to find something to do. I read part of my book, made scrubs and considered painting my toenails (which I couldn’t be bothered to do in the end) By then, it was only after 3. I wanted to make some buns so I checked the cake mix we had lying in the cupboard. Nope. Out of date in December 2012. Clearly wasn’t using that. I didn’t want to make my own mix either so I gave up on the idea.




I ended up trying different colours on my eyes. Just to see if any colour suits me, y’know?




I’ve come to one conclusion. Colours clearly don’t suit me. Blue makes it look like I have black eyes, pink just looks silly, green is strange and dark colours make my eyes even smaller. Only a light brown looks ok.



Green and blue
Green and blue

2013-08-04 16.45.21


While I was looking at them in the mirror I realised just how freckly my face is. I couldn’t believe it. The sun has really made them come out. Ok, my face is a bit tanned too but it looks like patches of dirt are on my face.


2013-08-04 16.48.55


I decided to take out this sucker.


L'Oreal True Match in Ivory
L’Oreal True Match in Ivory



I’ve used this foundation for years. It’s easy to spread and stays on pretty well. One layer of foundation later and most of my freckles are covered!



2013-08-04 17.10.45



I think I will be wearing it a lot more often from now on!


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