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Holiday Essentails

Not long to go until I will be heading to Germany!



It’s coming up so quickly. We got our money sorted the other day so at least that’s one less thing to think about. I don’t think we have enough money though. I want to go shopping so….



I did a little shopping on pay-day (was so excited that it was pay-day) for stuff I would need. I went into Superdrug to look at their holiday section. Wasn’t I pleased when I saw “3 for £3” on stuff that I wanted. Some of the shampoo’s and conditioners were close to £2 but since they were in the 3 for £3 part… well, I was happy. Here’s what I picked up.



2013-08-04 15.13.30



I absolutely love the smell of the shower gels. I could sit sniffing them for ages. Chris can use the orange one. It’s a bit more guyish that strawberry and raspberry.




I had been looking at the Simple moisturizer and face washes but had decided not to buy them. Well, when we went to get our money sorted out in the holiday booking place what did the woman give me? A little gift set that included 2 Simple moisturizer’s and a face wash. Isn’t that nice? It worked out pretty well for me. I’ve been using one of the moisturizer on my hands and it’s so good.


2013-08-04 15.12.11


2 thoughts on “Holiday Essentails

  1. Looks like you had an amazing time in Germany! I used the Simple range too because it is gentle on my skin. It is really hydrating too. The toner is good too because it is alcohol free! Was the bridge cool with all the locks on it? I would love to go somewhere like that!

    1. I did. Yea, the Simple range really is good. I didn’t know if it would work on my skin because of my skin condition but I loved these. The bridge was pretty colourful. You could see it a good wee bit away. I liked it but it wasn’t as wide as I thought. Maybe it’s because it was the bridge that the trains all went over. It was still good though.

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