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Cellulite Reducing Scrub

Every now and then I decide to make a scrub. Ever since I found out how easy they are to make and how much it helps my skin I keep looking up different ones to make. I’ve been meaning to try making this for a while. I heard that coffee scrubs are good to get rid of cellulite. Great. I need some of that!



I used:


  • 4 teaspoons of Nescafé coffee


  • 3 teaspoons white sugar


  • Olive oil (add as much as you want until it gets to the consistency you like)




2013-08-04 15.11.26



It doesn’t make that much but it’s good if you only want to test it. You can always make more if you find that it works for you. You only need to use it every now and then and leave it on for a good few minutes to let it do its job. Just be careful you don’t slip in the shower.




I haven’t tested mine yet but I hope it works well for me.


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