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How Has Your Year Been So Far?

We’re now into August! This year has gone so quickly. Soon it will be the Halloween and Christmas products in the shops. The darker nights and colder mornings are already appearing. Before we know it, it will be January again.



Today, I’ve decided to do a State of your year post. It’s easy to see how your year has been so far. You can remind yourself of the good things that have happened or write down the bad things and make changes to improve the bad parts.



The beginning of the year I had impressed myself with how much savings I had left after spending so much over Christmas. By February, Chris and I had bought our first car together (and my first car). How amazing. I had wanted to drive for so long. I had passed 2 1/2 years before and could never get a car because I didn’t have money to pay for a car and the insurance. Ok the car was green and old and pretty ugly but it was ours. We got a pretty good price for the car and in March I got insured. I was happy to finally be able to drive.



I did have to do bits and pieces again like my maneuvers so that I could do them if I needed to. Chris took me out a few times.  It did scare me at first but now I’m driving away as if it’s normal.



Over the next few months Callum developed so much which was amazing to see. Crawling and baby-talk in full swing. Don’t forget his cute kisses! Anton and I went out in the car and spent time together which was so fun. I began to drive by myself and got more confident but the petrol was killing me.



I hit a car =[ Thank goodness only my car was damaged. That was a pretty worrying day. I had to phone Chris to tell him. We weren’t going to fix it but the good weather popped it back out for us! That’s a pretty amazing part of the year, right?



We booked our holiday! I’ve never been on a holiday so for me it was  new experience. I had to go to Belfast by myself for an interview before receiving my passport and ended up lost for ages. I was pretty scared then and felt like crying. Eventually I made it back to the train station. I had never been so happy to get on a train home.



Chris finished university for the summer. Woohoo car is all mine! I as pretty pleased until I fully realised the cost of petrol and had to replace the wipers so I could drive home.



I made another decision this year. Going back to school. I applied and got a place in the course and even got into a level 3 instead of a level 2 which is great. Now i just have to hear from student finance and hope for the best. I’m now a step closer to having a job I love.



My blog got more followers! I’m so happy about this. I get so excited whenever I see that little plus sign and go to check my new follower out straight away. Thanks for finding my blog worth following!



Here’s something else this year. I woke up the other day from an amazing nap to overhear that Chris and I are going to get a better car! Really? No cars for 2 1/2 years to 2 cars in one year. Wow. We’re looking at the minute and hoping to get a Renault Megane. Why are we changing cars? We can’t afford the amount of petrol. He will be in university 5 days a week for 12 weeks and that came to about £900 petrol! Isn’t that ridiculous? I would still need to add money for petrol too for travelling to school and work. No thank you. You might be seeing a post with our new car soon!



So to sum it up, it has been a really expensive year so far (most of my savings are gone) but it has been a year full of changes and fun. It has definitely been the most eventful year I’ve had. I hope the rest of the year turns out as well as it has so far.



So, how has your year been so far?



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