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Finding The Perfect Swimwear

I’ve been wanting to take my nephews to the pool with my sister all summer. There’s only one problem. I don’t own any swimwear.



There are so many things to consider when you’re hunting for swimwear. Body type, skin tone, design, bikini, swimming costume or tankini to name a few.



I won’t lie. I have a pudgy belly. I eat so much junk and don’t exercise anywhere near enough. I don’t want stripes that go horizontally because that would only make me look larger. I’m pale so I can’t wear extremely bright colours but at the same time I can’t wear something too dark. I’m short and look a lot younger than my age so a swimming costume would make me look like a primary school child. A tankini would do pretty much the same thing but it would hide my belly a bit. Unless it rolls up. Bikini it is then.



Now that I’ve decided on bikini there are things to consider:


  • padded/unpadded
  • style of top (halterneck, triangle etc)
  • type of strap (does it need tied or is there  clip?)


I have small boobs so while I could get away with a triangle shape top because they won’t be popping out, it wouldn’t do much to enhance. I want something even partly padded. Strapless would mean a constant risk of one of the kids pulling it down. I don’t want something that would push my boobs down and make them look smaller so I need straps that aren’t in the middle of the top. Does that make sense?



I’ve searched so many sites to find one that would look even half decent on me, I find bikini’s that I like only to discover there are only larger sizes left. I don’t want to spend lots on something I’ll only wear a few times either. Shops don’t have any left at this time of the year either. I should have looked a lot earlier on this season.



After many sites and shops I have found one that like actually like.






Ok it goes against my “no horizontal stripes” but the frills would draw a bit of attention away from them. Frills would give the illusion of a bigger chest. The straps would do that too since it’s a halterneck. The colour isn’t too dark nor too bright for my skin either, right?



Ok it needs tied at the neck which is risky when a child has their arms wrapped round that neck but a small stitch in it would stop it undoing.



It’s pretty hard to find a perfect size to fit too. An 8 might be too small and a 10 too big. Thank goodness for the measurement guide on the site I found this on. I went straight for a tape measure and even got Chris to read the numbers to make sure it’s right. Looks like I’ve found a perfect fitting bikini!



My friend offered to lend me her card to buy this. I couldn’t believe how kind she was to even think of that. I took her up on the offer and it arrived yesterday. I’m so proud of myself for being able to fit it. Of course I’ve paid my friend back and now I can take the kids to the pool in the future. Happy days for all of us!


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