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Daily Prompt: Dreams

Searching through the daily prompts I found another interesting idea. I thought it would be good to do this one since I’m considering my future career now. The question is:



When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? Are the two connected?



I have to admit, it’s a bit difficult to remember  since it was over a decade ago now. I wanted to be so many different things as I was growing up. Teacher, doctor, childrens nurse, paramedic, social worker, mother and wife to name a few. At 10, I think I was still considering being a teacher.



I always liked school. I enjoyed Maths and English the most. I loved learning new things. I hated P.E because I just wasn’t fit enough to run about. I was a real chubby kid with asthma and massive unruly hair. Oh and glasses. Bullies just loved me. Even though I had to deal with bullies I still enjoyed school for the most part.



I began to change to being a childrens nurse so that I could help sick kids get better. The thought of driving an ambulance and going to lots of situations made me excited so I thought about being a paramedic when I was 16. I thought Psychology would be interesting and started to look at careers in that. Every time though, I would circle back round to working with kids.



I took some time out before continuing my education after completing A levels. I had to earn money, consider which career I would definitely want and also take a break from school because I had begun to find it too easy. Three years later and I am about to start a night course in Childcare. I mean, I kept circling back to working with kids so this has to be the right choice for me. Clearly it’s something I’m supposed to do. I love being around kids and they seem to like me so it will all work out.  Right now I am an associate in a (mainly) clothes shop so it’s not connected to what I wanted to be when I was 10. However, this time next year I will have completed my qualification to be a classroom assistant or work in a crèche so I am still partly connected to little me.




It’s taken some time but I’m getting there. As for the wife and mother part…well let’s hope that follows.


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