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Corpse Party : Tortured Souls

This is just a quick post today. As much as I wanted to add a photo, I didn’t want to spoil something that will happen.



I decided to watch Corpse Party:Tortured Souls a couple of nights ago.



I knew it would be scary just from the picture but oh my goodness I did not expect it to be as creepy as that!



The first episode lasts almost half an hour. I can honestly say that I had paused it before the opening theme came on. Overall, I think I paused it about 8 times. Ok I’m a chicken but it was seriously creepy.



It’s really easy to get into this anime because of the dark colours used and just the whole atmosphere that was going on. I kept thinking “No, don’t separate something will happen to you. Stay together!” I was right too. In the first episode you get to see gore and just so much creepiness. It’s so good! Terrifying, but good. It kind of reminds me of Another but more scary. Watching it in the dark makes it even better. Go see =]


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