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Places To Go In Cologne




Only 3 days left before our holiday! I’m so excited. We have our money and tickets ready. All that’s left to do is the packing.


Since Gamesom is only for 3 days, the first 3 days of our holiday are for me to do whatever I want!



Now that I know that, I had a look online to see what places we can go to. I’ve made a list of places and what days we can do it on. Well, roughly anyway.



Some of the places I want to go are:



Chocolate Museum. How can anyone not want to go there? You can taste chocolate and buy chocolate and just live in a chocolate bubble for a while. The best part is that it only a few minutes walk away from where we’re staying!



Botanical Gardens. Why not? It’s free and looks pretty.



Opposite that is Kolner Zoo! We are so going there. You’re allowed to feed animals and stuff. There’s an aquarium with crocodiles and piranhas and all in it too. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an aquarium before so I’m excited.



There’s another park I want to go to . I think it’s like Gosford. It’s called Stadtwald Park.



Another place I want to go is the Hohenzollern Bridge aka “love lock bridge.” Gotta do something couple-ish with Chris =]



Finally, shopping. The major shopping streets are only 12 minutes by foot. I even found a place called ‘Royal Cupcakes‘. We will definitely be heading there!



i wonder what else we will find to do when we’re there?


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