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Sign Your Life Away


So, a couple of nights ago Chris and I were talking about what would my reaction be if my sister and her boyfriend were to end up married before us. Of course I’d be happy for her but I’d still be a green eyed monster on the inside. Weddings and kids are what I want and since I’ve been with Chris longer than she has with her boyfriend, I always hoped I would be the one to get a ring (and kids) first.



As we lay talking about it, Chris came to a ‘very important decision for his life’. His words. He decided that “At 26 we can start trying to a baby but we will be married and have a house before then.” My brain clicked onto something straight away. I had to write down what he had just said and make him sign it so that he couldn’t go back on his word. What did he do? He read it first and said “I didn’t say that” (lie, I wrote down exactly what he had said straight away) and he made me re-write it while he spoke. He then signed and dated the page and made me do the same. It’s a bit like a contract isn’t it? It’s a promise for him to keep. Believe me, I will show him this if he ever tries to take back what he said.



Thing is, he thought he had 5 years so it was a long time away. In reality, he has just over 4 years to make all of that happen as well as finish his degree and have a job. Let’s hope that everything happens by then.



The 'contract'
The ‘contract’



Byebye (^.^)/


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