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A Section Just For Me? Yes!




Tonight, we leave for Germany! How excited I am is unreal. The reason we’re actually going to Germany is to go to Gamescom. We’re going for 6 days so there’s 3 days for me to do whatever I like and drag all 4 guys round the shops then there’s 3 days of Gamescom for them to enjoy. You’d think I’d be bored, right? Well. Look at what I found in my emails:



After the successful last year, gamescom will offer again a special area for cosplayers. In “gamescom cosplay village” you will experience several activities and events.

This year the central Point of “gamescom cosplay village” is the pagoda on the host-Plaza, where you are welcomed and consulted by hosts and maids. Furthermore you can apply for different events and competitions.

In the karaoke area you can proof your singing-talent with your favorite Japanese songs. The innovation is the “Drawersalley”, where different manga-drawer will present their artwork and where you can be live at the accruement of manga-art. And for those who wants to have a souvenir- you can get drawn by a drawer as a manga-figure or as a cartoon.

In our photo area you can have a professional photo-shooting – alone, with friends or with professional cosplayers.

You will find “gamescom cosplay village” in hall 10.1 – See you soon.




All I can say is “yes, yes you will.” I will be heading straight to that section! Greeted by a butler/maid and see lots of anime and manga stuff. Get drawn in manga form. Eh yes! My cat ears will be coming with me. If ever there was a time to wear them it is during Gamescom. I wish I had a cosplay outfit. Even if it was a cat-ear maid or something simple. I’d fit right in. You can sing your favourite Japanese songs but…I don’t want others to hear my squawking ^.^’



It feels like there is a section made just for me =D



I’ll be away for a week but I’ll be blogging all about my trip as soon as I get back.



Byebye (^.^)/


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