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I’m Back




We got back from our holiday at 1AM yesterday.  A whole week away where it was hot made it feel extra cold when we got off the plane. I actually went to bed shivering.



I did enjoy the holiday but I can honestly say that I hate the travelling.First of all, I had to stop myself from crying on the way to the airport because I already missed Anton and Callum and knew I couldn’t hear about them for the whole week even though I had spent the day with them. Anton was so sad that I was going away without him. I felt bad leaving them both. Once we got to the airport and printed our tickets, Chris and our friend were making me panic by saying “We’re going to miss the plane” “Where’s our tickets, Nat where did you put them?” after I had given them their tickets as well as a few other things. I was almost having a break down and holding back tears because I was afraid and panicking in case something went wrong. When we finally got onto the plane we all had to sit apart so I got stuck with a window seat beside 2 strangers. Chris knew I was panicking about flying and had txt me to try to get me to relax. There was turbulence which terrified me because I thought the plane was going to fall apart and I saw the plane turning which made me scared because I could see the whole land under us. I hated it so much. The plane was making me feel so sick. I ended up trying to fall asleep (successfully) to get rid of the sickness.



We arrived in Germany quite early. Now we just had to get our luggage. Again, Chris and his friend were winding me up saying our luggage would be lost. It didn’t help that they hadn’t listened to me and waited at the wrong luggage place because it also said our flight details. Only after our friend asking did we go to the train station where our luggage would be delivered since we were getting a train the rest of the way to Cologne. We found the right terminal and waited so I relaxed a bit. However, once the train arrived we had to find the right coach and get on before it left without us. Thing is, we were waiting at the complete opposite end of the train so we had to walk as quickly as we could to get to our coach on time. We did get on it but the man on the train started to shout at us to leave our luggage with them and go to our seat in German which I didn’t understand. Once we found our seats (which were taken) and sat down (we just had to sit wherever and hope we weren’t told to move) it was fine. We were all wrecked by now. None of us had slept all night and had left our house at 1AM that morning so we had already been travelling for about 8ish hours. As much as I wanted to sleep, I couldn’t because I was afraid of us all being asleep and missing our stop.



Finally, we got to arrive in Cologne and I had calmed down (I was pretty convinced I had gained more white hairs from the whole experience of travelling) We met Chris’ online friend Martin who actually was a nice guy. It was a bit strange meeting someone from the internet so thank goodness he wasn’t somebody strange. He had arrived by 6AM so he had already taken a look around and found where we were staying. At least we knew where we were going. Less for me to worry about, right/ Nope. We got there and Chris’ card wouldn’t work! The woman actually took his card nd wrote down the number on it and all which we all thought was super suspicious. She then told us “Card failed” and told us to get all of the money out at an ATM. We did try but we couldn’t get it all out so we decided we would have to pay them each day. She didn’t like that. She wanted all of the money at once. I was so worried that we would end up with nowhere to stay. In the end the card worked (thank goodness) but we had to try to explain that she needed to take the money we had taken out of the account off the balance before using the card.



I was only able to relax after we got to our apartment. It actually wasn’t too bad. Close to the shops and surrounded by cafés restaurants, bistros, fast food places. We all flopped into bed soon after arriving. I have never been so glad to sleep. I woke up so much more relaxed and ready to look about the city! Chris was still asleep so we left him and note and off we went.



At first it was fine, we turned every now and then and kept a track of where we were….then we went into some shops. We ended up completely lost on the other side of the city! We found a map with a big red circle. “You are here.” We looked and saw where we were supposed to be. We were literally on the outskirts with less shops. Now all we had to do was find our way back. We’re not sure how, but we ended up walking in a circle. We did find a little supermarket so we got to buy bits and pieces we thought we would need. I think we were away for 3 or so hours altogether with at least one full hour being dedicated to finding our way back.



Chris was awake by now so he was being kept up to date with where we were. He couldn’t even come to find us because we had the key. I think walking around on our first day was the most exercise I’ve had in ages. We eventually found our way back and headed down to Subway. Later that night, Chris’ other online friend arrived. Thomas. He was very…flamboyant? What I found strange was that although I had never met these two people before, we were all able to be comfortable around each other. Ok, all of the guys have been talking over Skype etc and played games for years but I’ve never really talked with them directly. At least they were normal people so we didn’t have to worry about anything.



I’ll update about some of our activities later. I’m back at work today and using the new car now so I have to go take a little practice drive to the shop in it now.



Byebye (^.^)/


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