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Love Lock Bridge

I mentioned that I wanted to go to the bridge during my trip, right? Well, luckily for us it was the one we had to walk over to go to Gamescom so we had lots of chances to put our lock on. One side of the bridge was full of locks. You could see them all from the ground. We walked on the side with less locks. It was still pretty full in places.



We bought our lock after going to the zoo. I say we but it was Chris who bought it. It was pretty expensive. The man from the kiosk knew what he was doing when he added the price to the lock. There were 2 choices; a plain gold lock or a red lock with a heart. Now we just had to find a pen that would show up on the lock.



We searched for a pen but it was pretty hard to find one that would work on the lock. I just happened to look into the gift shop in the building where Gamescom was held while we were walking past. What did I see? A whole section for pens. I made sure we went in before we left. On the way back from the first day of Gamescom we stopped to add our lock. Sorry there’s no photos of us but I do have some of our lock! You’re supposed to throw the keys to the lock into the river after you’ve put your lock on the bridge but I had left one of the keys back at the apartment so Chris threw the one in that we did have. I would just have to come back later to throw the other one in. 



2013-08-22 16.27.23 2013-08-23 14.24.19 WP_000678 WP_000716


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