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Kölner Zoo

Day 2 of the holiday was so hot! We went to the Chocolate Museum that morning then stopped for lunch before heading to the zoo. The zoo was a 30 minute walk from our apartment. It wasn’t too bad a walk because we were walking long the river.



It cost €17.50 to get into the zoo but honestly, it’s totally worth it. The zoo is massive! There are so many animals; flamingos, ant eaters, meercats, hippos, tigers, lions, monkeys (lots of different types!) bears, lions, giraffes, snakes, seals… I can’t even name half the animals in it. You could go into habitats and walk around while the birds flew about and monkeys ran about in cages above your heads. It was all pretty cool. It was fun. Way too hot though.  I came back completely sun-burnt. The flora garden was opposite the zoo but I was too hot to even go there.


WP_000528 WP_000551 WP_000553 WP_000560 WP_000570 WP_000589 WP_000575


Aquarium building:


WP_000620 WP_000615 WP_000610 WP_000622 WP_000624 WP_000608 WP_000626 WP_000632


The zoo had a cute gift shop. I found a little elephant key ring for €1.95. I just love it.



The zoo also has an aquarium. It wasn’t that big really. I thought it would have been bigger and better. There was a section for reptiles too. Above that was a bug section. There were massive spiders and cobwebs. I was glad that were all in tanks. We also saw these:


WP_000645 WP_000646


I love the purple butterflies. I think they look pretty. Very different from the butterflies and moths we have here.



So many pictures… Chris actually took them all so some are a bit blurry. Mostly they’re pretty good though.



I’ll post more again tomorrow



Byebye (^.^)/


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