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The main reason we went on holiday was to go to Gamescom. I can’t really write about my holiday and leave it out can I?



So, Gamescom lasted for 4 days. We bought season tickets because we thought we would need to go every day to see everything. Turns out, we didn’t. The main things the guys wanted to see were in the same area of the building so we saw most of the stuff we wanted to pretty quickly.



On the first day we arrived an hour late. We got in quickly enough  (after finding out the queue was actually at a different place) and weaved through people for a while. We were given booklets which showed what was in each hall so at least we knew where to go. At first, I wasn’t too bothered by it. I didn’t want to play the game everyone else was waiting to play so I ended up watching the artist draw a character on-screen. Honestly, I didn’t even realise that half an hour had passed with me watching him while I waited for the guys to finish. For me, I started to enjoy it a bit more after that. The queues were massive for each game so we just spent most of the time walking round.



2013-08-22 12.40.37



We went to cosplay village to check it out. It was a bit of a let down. Where were the maids and butlers who were supposed to greet us? There wasn’t really that much there to see. I didn’t recognise many cosplays and there was a couple of people singing Japanese songs and actually butchering them. Oh and they were actual singers and not random people coming to do karaoke. I thought they would have done the dance for the songs too but nope. We didn’t spend much time there. I didn’t get drawn in manga form in the end. The drawings were good as in the people must have spent ages practicing to draw that well but I just didn’t like the manga style. It was more…the older drawing style like you’d find in manga’s from the 90’s. I prefer the more modern style.



It was so hard to stay together. People would just walk right through you to get to where they wanted. Seriously, there were people who must have been 7ft tall and they were just acting like others didn’t exist. Martin had to stop and wait at one point because Adam and I kept getting pushed about. I guess that’s going to happen though at events where there was so many people.



Some pictures taken by Chris:


WP_000676 WP_000666 WP_000660 2013-08-25 11.26.07 WP_000667 2013-08-22 12.17.06


Day 2 we ended up waiting for an hour in a queue and only moved about 3 metres. Why? We asked the woman if we enter at the same place as yesterday but she told us to go round to the hall 11 entrance. Guess what? We left the queue in the end and walked back round to the place we had entered the day before and we got right through and were in in minutes. There were a few more cosplays that I recognised on the 2nd day and we knew our way about so it wasn’t too bad. We also played Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. There was a queue but it was a pretty quick moving one so we were lucky. A member of staff came to speak to us while we were waiting and Thomas just stood staring without speaking back. The guy just looked then spoke again (still in German) and Thomas continued to silently stare. The man stared back and moved his hand like ”speak”. It was pretty funny to watch. We told the man we spoke English and he burst into English fluently saying Thomas should have said so sooner (which is true.)  I didn’t know what I was doing in the game like what to press but I was happy enough. In my opinion I did pretty well.



I wanted to try out the Sims4 so Chris, Martin and I headed over while Thomas and Adam went to the Nintendo hall. We waiting for about an hour in the queue just to play. We were all sick of the tune from the little advert they had playing by the time it was our turn. However, while we waited we did get to see the main EA games thing where it showed all of the clips for the new games and there was a massive robot and music and lights. We had to watch a short clip while a man explained to us some new features. Ok, we didn’t understand a word he said but you could get the jist of it from watching the screen. In my opinion, it was not worth the wait. You could only choose between a couple of hairstyles and outfits and there just wasn’t much to do. I just spent my time dragging the face/features in and out, waiting for time to be up. If the demo had a bit more to do it would have been better.






We found the shops during out 2nd day. So many things! T-shirts for every game, anime t-shirts, plushies, waifu pillows, key rings, mugs, onsies, cosplay pieces, contact lenses to be like characters (Uchiha Itachi etc), figures….the list is endless. We decided to wait until the last day to buy stuff because we thought the prices would go down. Of course they didn’t. The guys all spent so much on t-shirts for games they play and posters/belts/figures. Here’s what I bought:



2013-08-27 10.41.19



So much pocky. It was only €2 each so I was happy. I think the thing I love the most out of everything I bought during my holiday has to be this t-shirt. It has the symbol from Shingeki No Kyojin on it! I’m loving that anime now so I just had to buy it when I spotted it.



Overall, I did like Gamescom but it could have been better organised because all of the tournaments were in one hall so there were just masses of people standing which made it pretty much impossible to get through. Maybe next year we’ll go to PAX in L.A? We’ll have to wait and see.



Byebye (^.^)/


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