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The other night I stumbled upon a video of how to make Marshmallows. I had to try it. I worked all day Sunday so I only started making them after 10pm. Yea…bad idea. It takes about 4 hours for them to set so I was fast asleep by the time they were ready. I followed this recipe. The only difference was that I used golden syrup instead of corn syrup since we don’t get that over here. I ended up using a whole bottle of it which made it about  1/2 cups instead of 2-3 but it turned out well anyway. In the end I didn’t put in the vanilla flavouring. I thought they tasted ok without it ( there was a bit of sneaky finger dipping going on)



One thing I can say is, be prepared for the mixture to double. I was watching the mixture (gotta love electric mixers) and it just doubled. I thought “Holy cow, what am I going to do with all of this?!” I had to get another tin (I had to get a cake tin with removable sides…couldn’t find anything else)



You can add any colour or flavouring you like. I chose to use green, and pink colouring and then left some white.



2013-09-09 10.48.33




Try it and let me know how they turn out



Byebye (^.^)/


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