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What Do You Think?




So recently I’ve been considering making stuff to sell online. I’ll be going to school and doing placement so I’ll probably not be getting as many hours in work so it would be nice to earn a bit of money to pay for my travel and stuff. I’d love to make scarves and gloves but I have no idea how to knit >.< My friend is going to teach me how sew so that I can make more stuff like little key rings or something. How nice is she!



I finally got a card to use online so I bought a glue gun, material, buttons, hair clips.  All of the ribbon was bought in Germany. I also bought things to make lip balms with. I just have to buy tins to put the balm in now.



I’ve decided to start simple with some hair accessories. Here’s what I’ve made so far:


2013-09-13 00.23.05




2013-09-13 19.59.21






Ok this one's blurry but with flash on it reflected off the button...
Ok this one’s blurry but with flash on it reflected off the button…



2013-09-13 20.01.32



What do you think of them? Would you buy them? How much do you think they would sell for?



I’d really appreciate your opinions and any tips you might have.




5 thoughts on “What Do You Think?

  1. Hey, I looked for a while yesterday for these and was going to look again today lol! These are really beautiful. Its nice that there are different types of bows and I think they are great as they are for selling. If you wanted to start an Etsy shop, the only tips I would have is making them look the best they can in a picture. If you get a white page or white material and place it on a windowsill when there is the most light coming from outside, and place them on the paper/material then they will come up amazing. That is one thing that will set you aside from other sellers – how they look among other bows.
    Another tip would be relating them to popular trends. Such as baby hair accessories and I would also link these to like a minnie mouse theme.
    For packaging I would recommend The Works (it’s in the mall in Portadown) they have like envelope and card cellophane bags that make anything look really professional. Clip the bows onto card and pop them in a cellophane bag, then you well be ready to go! It might take a little while to get your first sale on Etsy but I am sure it will be worth it!
    Oh and there are little bead/sequin pots in The Works too that would be good to package your lip balm. Hope that helps 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m off work tomorrow so I’ll take a look in The Works. As for the photos, I’ll do my best to take them when there’s the most sunlight although it’s a bit hard with how much rain we’re getting right now. I’ll keep making more so I’ll be asking for your opinion on them again when I’m done =]

  2. No problem, if you want some help with a name and maybe a little banner design for your Etsy shop I can do that for you on Photoshop! Good luck with your creations, just keep doing them and ones you have enough to start an Etsy shop you will be flying 🙂

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