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OOTD – Back To School




Tonight was my first class after 3 years. I’ll admit I wasn’t looking forward to it because I hadn’t particularly liked most of the people I met during the information day. I went in and guess what? The whole building had changed. We were now in the furthest away building. Thank goodness I had the car to drive to the other building (Yes, it really was that far away. I’m not that lazy) My teacher seems nice. She’s a bit like a wee barbie doll and is very relaxed. I met one woman in my class who seems nice. Hopefully I overhear her name tomorrow night and remember it ^.^’



So far, I’m having doubts that I will be able to sit still for 3 hours but hopefully I get used to it soon and get back into the way of doing work. Once that happens I’ll be fine.



Anyway, I chose to wear this:



2013-09-17 16.44.12



Shirt: TKmaxx, t-shirt: Internationale, Jeans: RJ Jeans from a shop in Germany. I chose black converse for comfort.



2013-09-17 16.46.32



I chose to wear my hair in a twist to keep it out of the way. Of course make up was on. First impressions and all that.


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