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More Bows




I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy with work, school and spending full days with my sister and nephews. Also, I’ve been making more bows. This time, I decided to do black bows with beads. What do you think? Do they look good enough to sell? I’m trying to make as many as possible now so that I have a lot to put up online before I get busy with work, placement and assignments as well as spending time with Anton and Callum. Once I get used to the ribbon I’m using I can speed up a bit and I’m finally used to the glue gun so I’m not letting it leak everywhere and I can squeeze out just enough because I know how much I need to make it stick.



Anyway, my 10 black bows.


2013-09-16 20.24.18



I kind of want to keep one for myself ^.^’ I get attached to every bow I make. I’ll have to learn to control myself better.


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