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Last night in class we had to get photos taken for our student I.D cards. Instead of going to sleep the night before, I spent ages thinking of what I wanted to wear….even though the photo would only be of my head. Hateful little cards they are. There is just no way to make yourself look good in one. Seriously, I’m halfway to blinking in mine and look angry.



Anyway, this is the outfit I chose:



2013-09-24 22.29.16 2013-09-24 22.36.28



Sorry for the darkness in the photos, The one day I was hoping my Dad would be late he arrived 10 minutes early so I didn’t have time for a quick photo session before class (that explains the slippers =P) I usually wear the skirt with a plain black top, black tights and black heels so this was a nice change. One of the girls in my class thought it was a dress. What do you think of the shoes with it? The look I wanted to go for was more fairy-tale grunge (just loved it on  boohoo) but it didn’t really work that way… I really need some military style boots.




What will I wear to class tonight…


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