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My Thoughts So Far




So far, I’m liking my course. Remember how I doubted I would make any friends? I was wrong. I’ve been chatting to a few people in class and they’re actually alright. There’s only 1 guy in my class so he gets to listen to the older women talking about programs like The Midwives and labour (thanks to the 2 pregnant people in my class.) I don’t mind the talks. I actually join in. I can watch the programs but it’s scary at the same time. We all have to help each other out when we’re flipping through our lovely piles of work to find a certain page. That is our version of stressful =D



So far, I’ve been given an easy homework. A spider diagram and I have to write a few pages to explain something. What i love about this course is that there are NO exams. A lot of our work is actually what we will be assessed on during placement. Let’s hope it stays this simple! In my first week, I was finding it hard to sit still and concentrate. I would be swinging from side to side in my chair, daydreaming, looking at my phone…it was awful. Now, I can sit still (mostly) and listen because we’re actually doing work. Hopefully I get back into the way of learning pretty quickly so I can get through this course easily. Ok, I’m still a bit clueless about some of it but I’ll catch on and now I know I’m not the only one who skipped straight to a level 3 so I’m not alone. My teachers are nice so at least I can ask for help if I get stuck on something.



You’ve been seeing my outfit of the days lately for school. For now, I’m wearing my nicest clothes and make up; partly because I don’t get to wear them often but mostly it’s to make a good impression on everyone. Eventually I will give up and just wear jeans and a hoody and the make up will just stop completely. Let’s just hope my makeup-less face won’t be a shock to everyone ^.^’




Have you gone back to school after taking time out? How are you finding it?




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