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After School Play Date




Antons been in nursery for a couple of weeks now. I finally got to see him in his uniform. He’s such a cutie! He looks like a proper grown child now. No baby-ness left at all =[



Both Anton and Callum came to my house for a while at the beginning of last week. Anton ran on in happily. Callum came in but when his mummy said bye and the door started to close…tears everywhere. Poor wee guy. I picked him up and off we went to join Anton. After a couple of minutes he was fine. Anton told me all about school and how he played with “everything” and how “Catwoman” had bought the toys he brought with him.  I brought in some crisps and put on Woody Wood Pecker. All 3 of us sat on the couch munching away with the 2 of them laughing as if it was the funniest show. Anton started trying to imititate the laugh. Callum heard Anton trying so of course he had to copy. His whole body was jumping while he tried to do it.



What I found so cute was how, when I gave a crisp to Anton to see if he liked the flavour I had (he did), he turned and gave me the biggest one out of his packet saying “Thank you, you can have this one if you like.” Callum just had to have one of mine too. I didn’t expect him to do it but…he turned and gave me one of his crisps too. Not only that but while he was sitting and resting against my leg, he kept turning a little and looking up at me with more crisps in his hand to share with me. It honestly went “one bite for me, one bite for you” with most of his packet. Even when he spilt them and saw me picking them up, he moved a little and started picking them up to put them back in the packet with me. Such a good wee guy. I shared some pocky between us then they wanted a drink and Anton said he was hungry still so, we went to the kitchen.



Lately, Anton will only eat ‘clean’ food. I offered roast beef but nope because its ‘dirty’. He ended up with crackers and juice. Callum had crackers with roast beef on top and juice. He’s such a greedy wee boy. “Mmm, mmm!” for more every 2 seconds while Anton just sat eating peacefully.



After a snack, Anton and I sat together. Callum decided to start running about the house though. “Byebye” and off he went. Wee Anton said “Stay in here Callum” and tried to take his hand to lead him to the room. They actually played really well together…. mostly. Callum waited for Anton to be cuddling into me to take one of his toys. “No! That’s mine!” As soon as Anton was about to take it, Callum threw it and ran to me for protection. He’s turning into such a wee monkey. They played on the computer chairs for a bit and watched Batman too. Happy days for all of us =]



Spinning Anton around
Spinning Anton around



My sister arrived to take them home. Callum was fine with it. He just wanted yogurts. Anton on the other hand, did not want to leave. “Noo, I want to stay here a 2 seconds” and wouldn’t get up to leave. Poor wee guy. He said he liked it here and wanted to stay. So cute and I would have just kept him forever but it was time to go. We can still play again the next day.


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