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Quick Update



I know I haven’t posted in ages. Sorry about that ^.^’



I’ve been doing lots of extra hours in work lately and then I have my school and assignments to do so I’m super busy. I haven’t even had the time to make little bows or anything. It probably doesn’t help that I bought Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns for the 3DS. It arrived yesterday and honestly, I’ve been playing it pretty much since I got home from work yesterday.



Anyway, I’ve just completed the work that’s supposed to be handed in on Wednesday night. I admit, I’m feeling pretty smart right now. A full reference page and page numbers as well as a header (OK, I had to get Chris to teach me how to do all of those) as well as two (spider) diagrams and 6 pages of pure writing. Not bad for someone who hasn’t been in education for 3 years.  I’ve actually suprised myself by how long I could sit and focus on my work. I mean OK I split it up over 2 days but I did sit for a good few hours both times, looking at the learning outcome, organising the order I wanted to write the information in, finding references… I even brought the development timetables to work with me to do them during my break. Go me =D



Let’s hope I can keep this up. I think it’s time to reward myself with some newly released animes



Byebye (^.^)/


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